As a community built around shared learning, PLP makes it easy to share resources with everyone in your organization. Resources you upload are available to all your colleagues through the NewsfeedSearch, and by accessing their URL directly. If you upload a resource directly to a group, it will also appear in the Discussion and Resources tab on the Group page.

Note: If you want to upload a resource without automatically making it available to everyone in the community, select Make Private before you select the file to upload. You can still share it with selected individuals or groups (or make it public) later if you wish.

If you think one of your resources will be particularly helpful to specific individuals, groups, grade levels, or positions, you can share it with them once you have uploaded it. When you share a resource, it will appear in each recipient’s newsfeed and notifications.  

To share a resource:

  1. Select the Share link on the File page, or from the Options menu on the My Resources page. The Share with a Colleague or a Group pane will appear.
  2. In the text field, enter the first few letters of the group, grade level, subject, or position, or the beginning of a person’s name or email address. A list of matches will appear below. 
  3. Select the person or collection of people you think will find the resource valuable.
  4. Select the Share with [Name] button.

Note: Sharing a public resource does not grant access; all members of your community already have access through the Newsfeed, Search, and direct access to the URL. Sharing a private resource, however, is the only way it will appear to other users.