When you upload a resource to your PLP community, you may not be ready to share it right away. Making a resource “private” is an easy way to:

  • Hide the resource from colleagues’ search results, 
  • Hide the resource from the Newsfeed, and 
  • Prevent colleagues from accessing the resource directly or sharing it through PLP.

  • Note: If a file is private but you’ve shared it with others, it will still be available to those colleagues using the above methods.

    To mark a file private when uploading (through My Resources > Upload New):

    • Check Make Private before selecting the file

    To change whether a file is private after uploading:
    1. Navigate to My Resources > My Files
    2. Select Edit from the Options menu 
    3. Click Edit on the File page
    4. Check or uncheck Make file private 

    Note: Sharing a public resource does not grant access; all members of your community already have access through the Newsfeed, Search, and direct access to the URL. Sharing a private resource, however, is the only way it will appear to other users.