You may want to delete a post or reply because it contains an error or you believe it is somehow inappropriate for your community. If you are the original creator, you can also edit a post instead.

You can always delete your own posts. Additionally, you can delete a post or reply if:

  • It was made to a group or event that you created, or
  • You are an administrator granted permission to moderate groups for your PLP community.

Note: When you delete a post, all replies are deleted as well. Consider editing a post rather than deleting it you want to preserve the conversation it started.

To delete a post:

  1. Locate the post you wish to delete. 

Note: If a post or reply was recently created or is popular, you can find it in the Newsfeed on the Community tab. You can also find it on the event, group, or resource where it was originally created, if applicable.

  1. Click the Delete link (‘x’) at the top right of the post.

Note: You cannot restore a post once it is deleted.