It’s simple to access active and archived ("Review Mode") versions of your courses. In fact, your five most recently accessed courses are shown right on the home page sidebar, under My Courses

To view a full list of your courses:

  • Navigate to the Courses page from the navigation menu or click See All beside My Courses in the home page sidebar

Your courses are split into three categories:

  • Active courses
  • Compliance courses
  • Archived courses ("Review Mode")

To access an active course:

  1. Click on its icon in the sidebar on the home page
  2. Navigate to the Courses page and click on the name of the course

You can read about compliance courses and archived courses below.

Accessing compliance courses

Compliance courses are instructional sequences, often required of all employees, that help your organization share important regulatory, legal, and safety information. PLP provides easy access to your compliance courses through the Courses page.

Note: Access to compliance courses is managed by your organization, usually by a Human Resources administrator.

To access your compliance courses (if you are registered):
  • Navigate to the Courses page and click Compliance   

Your compliance courses home page will load in a new window. 

Troubleshooting compliance course access 

If, after navigating to your compliance courses home page, you are not registered for the compliance courses you expect, or if you are not automatically logged in when navigating to your compliance courses home page from PLP:

  • Contact your organization’s administrator to confirm your registration. 

If you have confirmed your registration and are still experiencing issues: 

  • Contact support for further assistance

Accessing archived courses

The system archives your course once your access end date has passed. When your course is archived, you can still access your course in review mode. 

While in review mode, you can view course video, access resources, and review your responses to checks for understanding, reflection questions, and projects. You can also download your complete coursework to include in your professional development portfolio. You cannot, however, make changes to your work or submit new work when your course is archived.

Note: If you believe your course has been archived too early or if you need more time, contact support.  

To view your archived courses in review mode:

  • Click Archived Courses at the top of the Courses page