PLP supports real-time collaboration by integrating with Microsoft Skype for Business (formerly known as Lync). This feature must be enabled for your PLP community and requires the installation of the desktop or mobile Skype for Business application.

Your administrator will let you know if this feature is enabled for your community.

Note: In order to use PLP with Skype for Business, be sure the software is installed on your computer or mobile device. To quickly start chatting with a colleague or to create an impromptu meeting while using PLP, it’s best that you launch Skype for Business first.

Skype versus Skype for Business: Which should you use?

Skype for Business is the new name for Lync, Microsoft’s workplace communications platform. It’s different from the personal version of Skype, requires a separate software installation, and a different username and password. 

Note: PLP integrates with Skype for Business, not Skype, at this time.

Installing and configuring Skype for Business

Skype for Business may already be installed on your workplace or personal computer as part of Office 365. If it’s not, you can install it by following Microsoft’s directions below.

Note: You may need an administrator’s assistance to install this software on a workplace computer or device. If you do, or if you have questions, contact your organization’s technology administrator or help desk.

To learn more and begin the installation process:

Note: The installer will ask you to close all running Office 365 applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and others). You may wish to take a moment to save your work and close those applications before beginning the installation process.

Skype for Business Quick Start Guides

You may wish to save or print these Skype for Business Quick Start Guide files; they provide at-a-glance instructions for using Skype for Business’s powerful core features. 

To download the guides:

Note: The guides are available in PowerPoint and PDF versions, so you may need to install Adobe Reader or Microsoft PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer software if you’re just getting started.